FAQ LAN Area 2023

You're probably wondering: Where can I get tickets? How do I book seats for my clan? What do I need to be aware of for the LAN? On this FAQ page, we have prepared various levels that provide you with answers to the most commonly-asked questions about the LAN Area . Some levels have not yet been unlocked. Follow our social media channels to be informed when a new level is released.

Do you still have one or more questions for us? Join our Discord and ask us directly.

Level 1: Ticket Category

You can secure your LAN ticket starting November 24, 2022 at 10:00 am. All the ticket categories and their various features are outlined below.

What features does my ticket category include?

Included in TicketLegend LAN Seat
powered by XMG
LAN Seat
LAN Seat
High-End Gaming Laptop by XMG+  
Discount on purchase of PC at seat+  
Goodie Bag (limited Edition)*++ 
Gaming peripherals, monitor, chair+  
170 x 80 cm table area+  
85 x 80 cm table area ++
3-outlet power strip+++
LAN connection (incl. cable) with up to 100 Mbit+++
Parking at the hall (free of charge)++ 
Parking in P2 (fee)  +
Conference chair ++
Multi-day ticket+++
Use of MDV ticket+++
Free WiFi (up to 100 Mbit)+  
Free WiFi (up to 10 Mbit) ++
Use of showers free of charge+++
Participation in CGG tournaments free of charge+++

* Strictly limited for buyers of the Expert LAN Seat. When the additional service store is opened (date to be announced in due time), the goodie bag can also be ordered free of charge. Handover takes place on site. Distribution on a first-come-first-served basis. Receipt of a Goodie Bag is therefore not guaranteed for all buyers. Goodie Bag includes e.g. a mug, a mouse pad, a gym bag and a limited pin. More about this later.

This laptop is waiting for you at your Legend LAN Seat powered by XMG!

XMG is known for its powerful gaming laptops that no game forces to its knees so quickly. To make sure that you can play for hours without any problems, XMG equips the Legend Lan Seats powered by XMG with the XMG NEO E23. The laptop includes:

  • NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090
  • Intel Core i9-13900HX
  • 32GB DDR5-RAM
  • 2 TB NVMe SSD

Want to learn more about your Legend LAN Seat powered by XMG? Visit the XMG website for more information.

Level 2: LAN Map

To give you a first impression of the LAN area, here is a map of the hall (JPG, 94 kB) . If you want to know which seats are already booked or if you want to secure your seat, take a look at our ticket shop.

Visit our Ticketshop

Note: Don't be surprised, because the rows P,Q and R are divided differently in the ticket shop. In the graphic above you can see how the rows are placed in the LAN area.

You can find the hall plan for the Entertainment Area here .

Level 3: Seating

In the LAN area, you'll be sure to be surrounded by amazing people! But if you want to sit together with your clan mates, please read the following information on booking your ticket and don't be put off by the wall of text. It is extremely important that you read the following information to ensure that you can keep the amount of planning required to a bare minimum.

When and where can I secure my seats?

There is one major change compared to 2020. Seats are allocated when you buy your ticket. It's done all in one step. This is now possible thanks to our new shop, which provides full transparency. However, it also means you need to know who your mates are as soon as the ticket shop opens on November 24, 2022. The clan leader chooses all the seats and buys the tickets for all clan mates.

I would like to sit together with my clan. When should I book and what do I need to pay attention to?

We will ensure that all mates from big and small clans can sit together by defining the minimum number of tickets that can be bought in our shop on each day. This corresponds to the expected clan sizes. The minimum number decreases each day as follows:

 minimum order
Thursday, November 24 15 tickets
Friday, November 25 10 tickets
Saturday, November 26 5 tickets
Monday, November 28 2 tickets
Tuesday, November 291 ticket

My clan is particularly large and booking via the seating tool is very time-consuming. Is there an easier way to secure our seats?

Are you a clan of over 20 people and would rather not book via our seating tool because there is too much to organize? Don't worry! We will be your support player. You will need to take the following steps:

  • As clan leader, you can email us at info@caggtus.de by November 16 with a request for individual seating. Please indicate the size of your clan.
  • Afterwards we will arrange a short Discord call and reserve suitable seats specifically selected for your entire clan. This reservation is not a booking, however!
  • When the ticket shop opens (November 24), each clan leader will be sent a code for their suitable seats and has to forward it to all members of the clan.
  • Starting on November 29, the code can be redeemed in the ticket shop and each member can secure a seat in the area we reserved together. Each clan member with a code must pay for their own seat ticket in the shop. This way the clan leader doesn't have to pay for all tickets for the clan.
  • The code will be valid until December 13. After this deadline, the reserved seats will be released for general sale.

Do you still have unanswered questions? Join our Discord server. Ask your question and we'll be happy to support you.

Just so you know already, you can add on to existing blocks of seats later if there are seats free. Simply email us at congressregistration@leipziger-messe.de and we will be happy to help!

Level 4: Additional services

From 15.02.23 (5 p.m.) you will find important items in our store for additional services that upgrade your LAN experience even further. However, only LAN seat holders for CAGGTUS 2023 will have access to this store.

Store for additional services

Note for all buyers of an Expert LAN Seat: If you want to get one of the limited Goodie Bags, please visite our special Goodie Bag shop . You can find more information under „Goodie Bag“.

Where and how do I book additional services?

To get your desired services, you need to follow a few short but important steps. Don't worry, the procedure doesn't take long!

  • Step 1: Visit our additional services shop or our Goodie Bag shop .
  • Step 2: On your Online Ticket, you will find a 24-digit number under the barcode. You have to enter these to activate your bookable services. PS: Copy & Paste! ;)

    There, you need to enter the letters GB as well as the 24-digit number from your ticket (below the barcode). Our Goodie Bag will then be unlocked for you.
  • Step 3: Select your ticket category, then you can see all available services. But don't worry: only the services for which the ticket holders are entitled are displayed.
  • Step 4: Now choose your favourite item, enter all the data and book the items conveniently in the shop.

    The hot beverage flat as well as the breakfast packages from Friday to Sunday can be ordered until March 27th 2023. All other additional services can be ordered until April 4th or while stocks last.

If you have any questions, please feel free to send us an email to info@caggtus.de or drop by on our Discord to get your questions answered quickly!

Goodie Bag (available for buyers of an Expert LAN Seat only)

Buyers of an Expert LAN Seat have the opportunity to get one of our Goodie Bags worth about 40€ for free in our Goodie Bag Shop .

All you need to do:

  • In our Goodie Bag Shop you need to enter the letters GB as well as the 24-digit number from your ticket (below the barcode). Our Goodie Bag will then be unlocked for you.
  • Goodie Bags for Expert LAN Seats will be dispensed within the LAN Area at our support center. You only need your ID as well as your ticket.

But beware: Goodie Bags are strictly limited and will be distributed on a first-come-first-served basis. Getting a Goodie Bag is therefore not guaranteed for all buyers of an Expert LAN Seat.

The Goodie Bag contains:

  • propads mouse pad (490x390mm) with an exclusive CAGGTUS 2023 design
  • CAGGTUS 2023 mug
  • CAGGTUS 2023 pin
  • gym bag
  • and maybe some other surprises ;)

Additional Information for Buyers of a Legend LAN Seat powered by XMG

Buyers of a Legend LAN Seat powered by XMG do not have to book a Goodie Bag. These are already reserved for you. Your Goodie Bags will be dispensed by XMG at a separate room at the edge of the hall, same goes for your hardware.

Luminous cactus - strictly limited!

At your side since 2019: the luminous cactus! And what does the good thing do? Well, it glows blue. Oh wait, green!

In addition, here's some more info for you:

  • Material: plastic
  • Light source: 0.6 W LED
  • Battery operated (batteries included)

Price in the shop: €17.50

Cactus jars - sold out!

SOLD OUT! A cactus disguised as a drinking glass. The perfect companion for all drinks. Only while stocks last!

In addition, here's some more info for you:

  • straw included
  • height: 14 cm

Price in the shop: €4.90

Organic cactus - strictly limited!

You need a prickly companion besides your mates? Then get a cactus from our additional services shop and don't forget to water it after the festival.

In addition, here's some more info for you:

  • terracotta pot included
  • height: 14 to 22 cm

Price in the shop: €8,50

Breakfast - no longer bookable!

NO LONGER BOOKABLE! Starting a new LAN day well-nourished is a must-have for you? Then book your breakfast package. You can book the breakfast packages individually for each day.

What is on the menu?

Veggi-Variant - Price in the shop: €10.90

  • 2 half wraps with tomato-mozzarella
  • cookie
  • piece of fruit
  • pretzel

Chicken variant - Price in the shop: €11.90

  • 2 half wraps with chicken
  • cookie
  • piece of fruit
  • pretzel

Hot beverage flat - no longer bookable!

NO LONGER BOOKABLE! A coffee to stay awake or a tea to relax after an exciting tournament match? With the hot beverage flat rate, you have the right drinks right at your fingertips.

What's included?

  • Coffee
  • Cappuccino
  • Coffee with milk
  • Tea
  • Hot Chocolate

Price in the shop: €29,90 for all 68 hours

Level 5: Tournaments

The tournament platform will go live on March 20 at 9 am. When this happens, we will send you a mail with your registration details. You can then register for the tournaments one week later on March 27.

To the tournament platform

Which tournaments can I enter?

Main Tournaments

TitleGaming modusPrices
League of Legends 5v5Samsung Odyssey Gaming Monitor G4B (25")

LAN Beginner Seats for CAGGTUS 2024

Gift voucher
Rocket League 3v3Samsung 990 PRO NVMe™ M.2 SSD - 2 TB

LAN Beginner Seats for CAGGTUS 2024

Gift voucher
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 5v5Samsung Odyssey Gaming Monitor G4B (25")

Nyfter® Nyf 22 Wireless Gaming Mouse + Topcover + Griptape

Gift voucher
Overwatch 2 5v5Samsung 990 PRO NVMe™ M.2 SSD - 2 TB

LAN Beginner Seats for CAGGTUS 2024

Gift voucher
Valorant 5v5Samsung Odyssey Gaming Monitor G4B (25")

Nyfter® Nyf 22 Wireless Gaming Mouse + Topcover + Griptape

Gift voucher

Side Tournaments

TitleGaming modusPrices
Apex Legends 3v3Apex merchandise
Trackmania 2v2Samsung 990 PRO NVMe™ M.2 SSD - 2 TB
PUBG Duoa weekend at the LAN bunker + pocket money
Rainbow Six Siege 5v5Rainbow Six Siege merchandise
FIFA 23 SoloFIFA merchandise
Team Fight Tactics Solo Customa weekend at the LAN bunker + Euro pocket money

Fun Tournaments

TitleGaming modusPrices
Blobby Volley 1v1Nissin food packages
Quake Live 1v1Nissin food packages
Fall Guys SoloNissin food packages
Worms W.M.D. 2v2v2v2Nissin food packages
StarCraft 2 1v1Nissin food packages
Age of Empires 2 2v2Nissin food packages

Offline Tournaments

TitleGaming modus
Table football2v2
Rock Paper Scissors1v1

How can I show on Discord that I am a LAN participant?

The role LAN23.user on Discord? Of course, we have that too! As soon as you have registered and logged in to the tournament platform, you can click on your user picture at the top right and verify your Discord account in the settings. When you enter our server for the first time, you will automatically be assigned the role.

And if you are already on it: Enter "/verify" in one of the CAGGTUS channels, so you perform the action yourself. Only then will your name light up in the corresponding colour.

Level 6: Rental offers

The rental offers start on 15.03 at 5 pm. From then on, you can equip your LAN Seat even further.

The booking process is similar to that of the additional services. You can read how this works at Level 4: Additional services .

Book rental offers

Chair rental Maxnomic - already out of stock!

Maxnomic will of course be there again and is offering you the opportunity to rent one of their gaming chairs for the entire duration of the LAN party. You can choose between the following models: "Casual Sport" , "Pro-Gaming & Office" , "Office Comfort" and "XL-Series" .

Maxnomic will also be waiting for you with a booth in the entertainment area .

Rental fee: € 40 - already out of stock!

Chair rental Backforce - already out of stock!

You can also rent the gaming chairs from Backforce for the entire four days to make yourself really comfortable. Backforce will be coming with the "Backforce V" model.

Important specifications "Backforce V":

  • ideal for heights from 151 - 192 cm / 4´9 - 6´3
  • tested for body weight from 45 - 130 kg / 100 - 300 lbs

Rental fee: € 40 - Already out of stock!

Headset rental beyerdynamic

With the MMX 300 gaming headset from beyerdynamic you have optimal sound for your gaming sessions in the LAN. In addition, it offers you pleasant wearing comfort and optimal voice quality. This combination makes the wired headset your perfect LAN equipment!

Rental fee: € 19,90

Level 7: Arrival, parking & check-in

YEAH!!! Finally, the time has come. Your journey to Germany's biggest LAN party is about to begin! But surely you are asking yourself: Where do I park my car? Did I pack everything? What do I have to consider when checking in? So that you don't have to worry about these questions, here are the answers. And if a question is still unanswered, please join our Discord and ask it there. The Orga Team and the community will help you!

Did I really pack everything?

Do you have everything with you? In this LAN checkliste (PDF, 167 kB) you will find a list of all the things you might need. You can simply check off which items have already made it into your suitcase and what you might still have to get. In addition, we've prepared a guide for you on what things you should and shouldn't bring with you during the LAN party. And no, slushie machines are still not allowed. ;)

How do I arrive?

On our arrival page you can read about the easiest way to get to Leipziger Messe by car or public transport. The entrance to our grounds is via Gate North 1. Access to the LAN will then be at the telescope entrance and at Gate 2.8 of Hall 2.

Are you arriving on Friday at midnight or later? You can find out how the check-in works for you in the section "How does the check-in work?".

Where do I park with a Beginner LAN Seat?

If you have bought a Beginner LAN Seat, you can park your car in car park P2. On the map (JPG, 468 kB) you will find the location of the car park and the best way to get to the LAN Area (Hall 2). A long-term parking ticket for thursday to sunday costs 30 €. You can pay for the ticket on site. For further information about parking fees take a look at the city-parking website .

To avoid having to carry your entire set-up from the car park to the LAN Area (Hall 2), you can park in the short-term car park in front of the hall for loading and unloading. The maximum duration here is 60 minutes, after that time we will have to tow your vehicle away for a fee!

Where do I park with my Expert LAN Seat or Legend LAN Seat powered by XMG?

Your Expert LAN Seat ticket or Legend LAN Seat powered by XMG ticket allows you to park in the car park north of Hall 2. Then you can easily transport your entire setup from your car to your living, playing and resting place for the next four days.

After your long journey, once you have arrived at our exhibition grounds, please note the following points:

  • 1. Drive to the North Gate 1 entrance, which is open from 15:00.
  • 2. When you arrive at the North Entrance, show your ticket and your ID.
  • 3. Park your car in front of the Hall 4.
  • 4. Go to the check-in counter and check in. Check-in starts at 18:00.
  • 5. At the check-in you will receive a vignette.
  • 6. Write your license plate digits on the sticker and place it behind the windscreen so that it is clearly visible.

Please note: If no vignette or only a vignette with no license plate digit is displayed, your car will be towed away at the your expense.

How does the check-in work?

At 18:00, the gates to the LAN paradise will open and check-in will begin. All you need is your online ticket and an ID document. You can enter the hall via the telescope entrance and gate 2.8.

You have a gaming chair with you?

  • 1. Enter through the telescope entrance or gate 2.8 to check-in like everyone else.
  • 2. We stick a barcode on your chair, which will be assigned to your ticket. This way we guarantee that no one will steal your chair. Now you can enter the hall.

If you will be arriving on Friday at midnight or later, drive your car in via North 1 and report to gate 2.7. There you will be escorted to our support centre for check in.

Your chair is waiting for you at home and you have rented a comfortable chair from Maxnomic or Backforce? Then you can pick it up when you show your ticket and ID. If you are arriving on Friday, please report to security at our gates. You will then be escorted to the Support Centre and can check in there.

Level 8: Activities

For 68 hours, you and your PC are an absolute dream team. But maybe you'd like to discover other highlights in the LAN Area outside of your screen.

XMG Friday Night Party

The infamous XMG Friday Night Party is celebrating its big comeback. On 14 April from 8 p.m., you can turn the area in front of the Event Stage into your dance floor!

You can enjoy a regional apple drink or two and the best thing is: if you're a LAN participant or have a ticket for the entertainment area, you'll get in for free. Just don't forget to pick up your exclusive party wristband.

Pen and Paper

You not only want to experience digital adventures, but also throw yourself into the action with pen, paper and a dice? Then take a look at our Discord channel , where pen and paper rounds are already being planned. At the moment, Dungeons and Dragons (5e), Lasers and Feelings and DIE are already on the agenda. Four to five players can take part in each round. If you would like to lead a round yourself, please contact us in the Discord. :)

Red Bull Area

Red Bull will be there with an interactive action area. We'll reveal what exactly is happening later. ;)

Gastro Area

You can already hear your stomach growling through your headset? In the gastro area in the LAN Area you can strengthen yourself with pizza and hot drinks, among other things, and refill your health bar.

And what else?

  • As the LAN Area is your new home for 68 hours, we have also made sure that you can take a shower. You will find the showers as indicated in our hall plan .
  • In case of an emergency, the ASB will be there to help.
  • And if you have questions about tournaments or other things? Just contact the support centre, the people there will help you!
  • You can prepare snacks in the hall using the ovens, microwaves and electric kettles that we provide for you.
  • There are lockers in the LAN area. These cost € 2 each time you lock them.

Level 9: Check-out and departure

Congratulations! You have played through all the levels. Now it's time to say goodbye to all your old and new mates.

Tips for your departure

Keep the following points in mind when you leave. If you arrived with your own gaming chair or bought your rented chair after the LAN Party, be sure to check out the Check-Out for chairs section.

  • The LAN area will be open on Sunday until 14:00. If you still haven't had enough of CAGGTUS, check out the Entertainment Area. It offers entertainment until 17:00.
  • Plan enough time for the dismantling of your place.
  • Go through your checklist (PDF, 167 kB) to make sure you have packed everything up again.
  • If you don't have a gaming chair with you, you can leave the hall at any time.
  • Look forward to CAGGTUS 2024. :)

Check-out for chairs

If you are travelling home with your own gaming chair, you must have it checked out beforehand. This is to guarantee that everyone leaves the hall with only the correct chair. Have the following timings saved:

  • You can check out via the Support Centre until 10.00 a.m. on Sunday. From there you will be escorted to the exit.
  • From Sunday 10.00 a.m. you can check out at gate 2.7.

Note for all those who have rented a chair from Backforce or Maxnomic: If you loved your rented chair so much that you bought it, it will be linked to your ticket and you can take it with you!