You're probably wondering: Where can I get tickets? How do I book seats for my clan? What do I need to be aware of for the LAN? On this FAQ page, we have prepared various levels that provide you with answers to the most commonly-asked questions about the LAN Area . Some levels have not yet been unlocked. Follow our social media channels to be informed when a new level is released.

Do you still have one or more questions for us? Join our Discord and ask us directly.

Level 1: Ticket Category

You can secure your LAN ticket starting November 24, 2022 at 10:00 am. All the ticket categories and their various features are outlined below.

What features does my ticket category include?

Included in TicketLegend LAN Seat
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LAN Seat
LAN Seat
Gaming PC or laptop+  
Discount on purchase of PC at seat+  
Goodie Bag (limited Edition)*++ 
Gaming peripherals, monitor, chair+  
170 x 80 cm table area+  
85 x 80 cm table area ++
3-outlet power strip+++
LAN connection with up to 100 Mbit+++
Parking at the hall (free of charge)++ 
Parking in P1 (fee)  +
Conference chair ++
Multi-day ticket+++
Use of MDV ticket+++
Free WiFi (up to 100 Mbit)+  
Free WiFi (up to 10 Mbit) ++
Use of showers free of charge+++
Participation in CGG tournaments free of charge+++

* Strictly limited for buyers of the Expert LAN Seat. When the additional service store is opened (date to be announced in due time), the goodie bag can also be ordered free of charge. Handover takes place on site. Distribution on a first-come-first-served basis. Receipt of a Goodie Bag is therefore not guaranteed for all buyers. Goodie Bag includes e.g. a mug, a mouse pad, a gym bag and a limited pin. More about this later.

Level 2: LAN Map

To give you a first impression of the LAN area, here is a map of the hall (JPG, 1 MB) . If you want to know which seats are already booked or if you want to secure your seat, take a look at our ticket shop.

Visit our Ticketshop

Level 3: Seating

In the LAN area, you'll be sure to be surrounded by amazing people! But if you want to sit together with your clan mates, please read the following information on booking your ticket and don't be put off by the wall of text. It is extremely important that you read the following information to ensure that you can keep the amount of planning required to a bare minimum.

When and where can I secure my seats?

There is one major change compared to 2020. Seats are allocated when you buy your ticket. It's done all in one step. This is now possible thanks to our new shop, which provides full transparency. However, it also means you need to know who your mates are as soon as the ticket shop opens on November 24, 2022. The clan leader chooses all the seats and buys the tickets for all clan mates.

I would like to sit together with my clan. When should I book and what do I need to pay attention to?

We will ensure that all mates from big and small clans can sit together by defining the minimum number of tickets that can be bought in our shop on each day. This corresponds to the expected clan sizes. The minimum number decreases each day as follows:

 minimum order
Thursday, November 24 15 tickets
Friday, November 25 10 tickets
Saturday, November 26 5 tickets
Monday, November 28 2 tickets
Tuesday, November 291 ticket

My clan is particularly large and booking via the seating tool is very time-consuming. Is there an easier way to secure our seats?

Are you a clan of over 20 people and would rather not book via our seating tool because there is too much to organize? Don't worry! We will be your support player. You will need to take the following steps:

  • As clan leader, you can email us at info@caggtus.de by November 16 with a request for individual seating. Please indicate the size of your clan.
  • Afterwards we will arrange a short Discord call and reserve suitable seats specifically selected for your entire clan. This reservation is not a booking, however!
  • When the ticket shop opens (November 24), each clan leader will be sent a code for their suitable seats and has to forward it to all members of the clan.
  • Starting on November 29, the code can be redeemed in the ticket shop and each member can secure a seat in the area we reserved together. Each clan member with a code must pay for their own seat ticket in the shop. This way the clan leader doesn't have to pay for all tickets for the clan.
  • The code will be valid until December 20. After this deadline, the reserved seats will be released for general sale.

Do you still have unanswered questions? Join our Discord server. Ask your question and we'll be happy to support you.

Just so you know already, you can add on to existing blocks of seats later if there are seats free. Simply email us at congressregistration@leipziger-messe.de and we will be happy to help!

Level 4: Additional services

will be unlocked soon...

Level 5: Rental offers

will be unlocked soon...

Level 6: Tournaments

will be unlocked soon...

Level 7: Arrival, parking & check-in

will be unlocked soon...

Level 8: Activities

will be unlocked soon...

Level 9: Check-out and departure

will be unlocked soon...

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