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We at Leipziger Messe have been organizing gaming events since 2002 and gaming festivals since 2016. So we do not only bring the experience, but also the community to CAGGTUS Leipzig. However, none of this would be possible without our partners.

Festival Partner


No matter what your favorite games are or where you prefer to play – we have the right hardware for everyone. Whether you play at home with an Odyssey gaming monitor on PC, on a Samsung Smart TV with or without console or mobile on a powerful Samsung Galaxy smartphone. With Samsung, you're immersed in the gaming world, anywhere you want. And our high-speed SSDs ensure ultra-fast loading times.

The gaming festival and LAN in Leipzig have become a must go for us. So, we did not hesitate for a second and will proudly be part of Caggtus 2023. It’s an honor to support the event as a main partner right from the start. What about you? Come and join us for a huge gaming party in Leipzig!

LAN Partner


The idea to offer the first customizable and freely configurable high-end gaming laptops resulted in much more than just a renowned notebook manufacturer until today. The combination of strong hardware with gaming, e-sports and the proximity to the community has been part of XMG's DNA from the beginning .

So events, sponsorships and sometimes even participation in tournaments with the in-house team of employees were more than just a matter of course. Under the slogan "Salty since 09", the XMG gaming brand has stood for reliability, customer-oriented support and technology that is tailored to the needs of the community since 2009.

For Leipziger Messe and XMG , there was no question that this region and this city deserved a big gaming and LAN event. So let's move into the future together and look forward to an exciting sequel with CAGGTUS 2023!

LAN Sponsor


Play hundreds of high-quality PC Games with PC Game Pass , like Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, Hi-Fi RUSH, and Persona 4 Golden. Look forward to new titles and games every month, like Redfall, Starfield & Minecraft Legends, that become part of PC Game Pass right at release.

PC Game Pass now includes EA Play on Windows PC at no extra cost. If you enjoy Riot Games, we recommend connecting your Riot Games account to your Xbox Profile , to unlock Agents, Champions, Little Legends, XP Boosts, and more.

We look forward to playing many PC games, meeting the community and being part of CAGGTUS 2023.

LAN Internet provider

envia TEL

Stream Area Sponsor

Nissin Cup Noodles

We all love games - with a simple push of a button we can discover thousands of worlds. Now, it's easier than ever to immerse yourself in new culinary worlds. With Nissin Cup Noodles , you can experience the full array of Asian flavors. Our ramen and wok style noodles are prepared in just 3 minutes and are instantly delicious, allowing you to be quickly ready for the next round. An authentic Japanese food experience awaits you. It's no wonder Nissin Cup Noodles are the most popular instant noodles in Japan.

Experience the true Asian Blast for yourself and visit us at Caggtus 2023 in the Stream or LAN area.

We look forward to seeing you and don't forget: the best loot box is a cup!

Wildcard-Seat Partner


Make the Moumint your own and elevate your community engagement with Moumint:

Created to bring creators and their fans closer together than ever before, Moumint is your ultimate platform for sharing and preserving special moments.

At Moumint, we're all about empowering creators to interact more deeply with their community and fans. With our innovative platform, you can transform your iconic stream moments into exclusive drops, allowing your viewers to collect and own a piece of your history. Whether it's a funny meme, an epic gaming win, or a heartwarming conversation, turn it into a Moumint and make it last forever.

But that's not all. Your fans can also discover a new way to support you and show off their collection of your Artifacts in their own personalized gallery. With Moumint, you'll have the power to inspire your fans and grow your community.

And as a special treat, we're excited to announce that we're sponsoring the Wildcard Seat in the Stream Area at CAGGTUS. This is your chance to take your streaming to the next level and connect with even more fans and supporters.

Join the Moumint community today and take the first step towards building a stronger bond with your fans and followers. Visit us at to get started.

Sponsor FPV Arena

Media Partner


The Webedia Group reaches well over twelve million entertainment fans every month via its own online portals, more than three million followers on Facebook and over nine million YouTube subscribers.

Webedia will be at the event with its 4 gaming brands.

GameStar is Germany's largest platform for gaming enthusiasts and can be accessed via, YouTube and social media or as a podcast.

GamePro supplies fans of video games and console owners with the top news and vital information on everything concerning PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo.

MeinMMO is Germany's market leader for service games. The website focuses on lively and passionate gaming communities who feel most at home when playing this type of game.

GameStar Tech is an independent online technology magazine published under the GameStar brand that covers all the topics techies love to get excited about.

LAN Event Partner

LVL Berlin

LVL is the first premium venue brand for gaming and esports fans. The first LVL location is located in the heart of Berlin and regularly hosts some of the biggest gaming events in the world - wether it is esports tournaments, LAN parties or game launches.

Our focus is always on offering the gaming community the best possible experience. This is what unites us with the organizers of CAGGTUS, whose passion for their community is remarkable within this new initiative. Together, we will be hosting a CAGGTUS warm-up LAN party at LVL Berlin from the 17th of February to the 19th of February to really build anticipation for the new event in Leipzig.

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