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The ultimate guide to success: recognizing a good cosplay contest

Kris, Mia and Krystl share unique insights from their extensive experience, both in front of and behind the scenes.
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Through our experiences as participants, judges and organizers of cosplay contests, we reveal the essential characteristics that make a contest not just good, but memorable. We discuss what a jury really values and how best to present yourself as a participant to stand out and impress.

For the jury:
We take a deep dive into the criteria that are crucial to judging, from the authenticity of the costume to the portrayal of character.
We shed light on how the organization and structure of a contest affect the fairness and transparency of the judging.

For the participants:
Find out which details you should pay particular attention to in order to increase your chances.
We'll share our best tips on how to optimize your presentation and costume to impress the judges.

This panel offers a comprehensive insight into the world of cosplay contests, geared towards helping both new and experienced cosplayers unlock the secrets behind a successful contest.


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