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Campfire 4.0: Twitch streams, the natural evolution of social interaction? powered by Kindernothilfe e. V.

How do Twitch streams influence our social lives?
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Twitch has long since ceased to be a pure streaming platform for gamers. And the streamers on the platform are also increasingly diversifying their content. Contrary to the trend of "bulimic" consumption of social media content, streamers have the attention of their followers for many hours at a time. They create a digital campfire for social interaction.
But how social are communities really? Is it really the next evolutionary stage of social interaction, for which the campfires of our ancestors laid the foundations some 10,000 years ago? Or does the lack of personal contact contribute to isolation and detachment from "real life"? Could we even be unlearning personal social interaction? So how do Twitch streams influence our social relationships and the way we interact with each other?


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