Review 2023: DCMM - 20th anniversary of the German Casemodding Championship

The 20th DCMM was taking place at CAGGTUS in the Entertainment Area . For the 20th anniversary of the German Casemodding Championship, the international casemodding elite was coming together and presented their spectacular creations.

About Casemodding - turning commercially available hardware into unique specimens

You weren't find any grey hardware at the DCMM. The modders presented their skills in seven categories:

  • CaseMods (Case Modification - modified computer cases from industrial mass production)
  • CaseCons (Case Construction - self-designed and built cases)
  • CE-Mods (Consumer Electronics - modified cases other than computers)
  • Computer aided Modding (CAM - cases made by machine using a 3D printer or laser cut)
  • LAN (4-day LAN Challenge)
  • Best Newcomer

Livemodding Challenge

Additionally, modders could take part in the 24h Live Modding Challenge, in which the participants were working live on a standard computer case in front of the visitors.

Impressions 2023