CAGGTUS: Don't Miss out on Exhibiting

Hall layout plan of the CAGGTUS 2024

CAGGTUS is the festival for the gaming community! There will be three event areas where everything will revolve around gaming, gaming culture and the shared festival experience. Don't miss out on this unique event and on your chance to reach out directly to the gaming community.

3 good reasons to be there

1. Friendly and welcoming community

Our loyal community has been growing steadily since 2016. Its members have confidence in CAGGTUS and identify strongly with the brand! Thus, our community also trusts our partners, sponsors, exhibitors and further supporters.

2. CAGGTUS or nothing

Gaming in Leipzig is a tradition going back over 20 years. 100% of our visitors are thrilled to experience you and your brand here in Leipzig!

3. Impactful activation

Our community wishes to discover, experience and try out the products and brands at CAGGTUS. Stay in the community‘s memory by being part of the gaming festival.

CAGGTUS 2023: Visitors of the Entertainment Area

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Age Structure
What our Visitors said

CAGGTUS 2023: Exhibitor Statements

  • A tremendous success
    "With CAGGTUS 2023, Leipziger Messe successfully achieved its goal of creating a gaming festival for the community that satisfies the needs of all gaming enthusiasts - whether casual or professional, young or old and playing on consoles, mobile or on a OC. That's why we at Samsung not only decided to support the event as a major partner but also to take advantage of the chance here at the event to present our very top product, the Odyssey OLED G9, for the first time ever. This year's CAGGTUS was a tremendous success, giving us the opportunity for incredible interaction with the community on our broadly diversified premium portfolio." - Ida Marie Weber, Product Manager for CE Display at Samsung Electronics GmbH
  • Two thumbs up!
    "I was very positively surprised by the premiere of CAGGTUS, since it's difficult to create a completely new event. The fantastic atmosphere showed how well the community embraced the event. This was also reflected at our stand. There was always something happening at our game testing stations and our off-season FSL tournament (Farming Simulator League) was an amazing success. Two thumbs up for the CAGGTUS! The festival is definitely in a position to continue growing. We look forward to returning in the future with our farming simulator!" - Claas Eilermann, Event & Esports Manager, GIANTS Software GmbH
  • Awesome vibe
    "We are very pleased with our participation in the first CAGGTUS! There was an awesome vibe, people had loads of fun and the products on display here in the hall were right on the target with visitors. The CAGGTUS Store was always well-frequented and we had put together a good mix of products that really resonated with both the LAN participants and the regular visitors. If things continue along these lines, we will definitely be back!" - Vincent Rohloff, Communications Manager,
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