You are Interested in being part of CAGGTUS but have questions either about your participation as an exhibitor or about our sponsoring options? On this page, we will be answering the most frequently asked questions. Subjects range from general information to exhibitor registration and stand planning .

General questions

Why should I exhibit at CAGGTUS?

CAGGTUS ist das Gaming Festival für die Community! In drei Eventbereichen dreht sich alles rund ums Zocken, Gaming-Kultur und das gemeinsame Festivalerlebnis. Seien Sie als Aussteller:in bei diesem einzigartigen Event dabei und erreichen Sie im direkten Kontakt die Gaming Community.

Which areas are open for me to exhibit at CAGGTUS?

We only offer stand spaces in the Entertainment Area , whereas sponsoring opportunities will be available in the LAN Area and Stream Area . Feel free to contact us anytime at business@caggtus.de .

What sponsoring options are there?

We offer various sponsoring packages tailored precisely to your target group. One option, for example, would be for you to support our Stream Area , both financially and with your products. We'll take care of construction, production, talent management and branding. You may contact us anytime at business@caggtus.de .

What's the Entertainment Area?

The Entertainment Area is where visitors ages 12 and up will experience an unforgettable festival weekend. The Expo is where brands present themselves, visitors in the Freeplay Area can jump right into the gaming action, participants in the Cosplay Contest show off legendary costumes, and the Store has the latest products available for purchase. And there's plenty more to discover!

What's the LAN Area?

What would our gaming festival be without a huge LAN party ? Open to players ages 18 and up, the LAN Area at CAGGTUS has a hall of its own with plenty of space and the high-quality IT infrastructure you've come to expect. This area hosts a range of tournaments where you can compete for attractive prizes and—let's not forget—honor and glory. Lots of special offers like hardware rentals, analog contests and a lounge with a bar provide a cozy respite from the hustle and bustle of the festival. And all of that for 68 uninterrupted hours.

What's the Stream Area?

The Stream Area is its own area within the Entertainment Area . In collaboration with industry partners, this is where unique formats are developed allowing well-known streamers to broadcast live from CAGGTUS. And for streaming newbies, there will also be a "How to Stream" area offering an introduction to streaming, including all of the challenging technical and content issues that go with it. Visitors will have a chance to meet their own idols there.

Does CAGGTUS have a COVID-19 policy?

Yes, CAGGTUS has a hygiene concept in line with the most current Saxon Corona Protection Ordinance (SächsCoronaSchVO) to keep exhibitors and visitors healthy and safe. You can find detailed information here.

Where can I find information about travel and accommodations?

The following sub-pages offer comprehensive information on how to get to CAGGTUS and on your stay in Leipzig:

Directions & parking

Your stay at the festival


Your Stay in Leipzig

Where can I park during the festival period?

Parking at the Leipzig Exhibition Centre is available to exhibitors for a fee. Beginning on February 5, 2024, you can conveniently buy your parking permit from the online shop for exhibitors , where you will find it in the list of services. Alternatively, you can also use our last-minute services to purchase your permit on-site during the week of the festival (Wednesdays and Thursdays before noon).

No parking permit is required for set-up and breakdown. All you need is a copy of your stand space allocation, which will serve as access authorization for you and your set-up staff.

You can find detailed information on the Directions & Parking subpage .

How do I find a suitable hotel in Leipzig?

We're happy to help you find and book suitable accommodations. Just go to the Leipziger Messe online booking service .

Exhibitor Application

What are the important dates for exhibitors to keep in mind?

Whether you want to know when registration or placement begins or when you can set up your stand, you'll find an overview of all the important dates for exhibitors here .

How do I register as an exhibitor for CAGGTUS?

Have you already exhibited at CAGGTUS? Then log in here with your customer account data .

If you are a new exhibitor, please register via our registration form from 6 November, 2023.

You can find more information here .

Do I have to register co-exhibitors or an additionally represented company?

Main exhibitors must register any co-exhibitors or additional companies represented at their stand.

  • While registration should be completed along with your online exhibitor application, subsequent registration is possible at any time in your online customer account .
  • A fee must be paid, which you will find in our price overview . Please see our Special Terms and Conditions (PDF, 98 kB) .
  • Main exhibitors will receive one free exhibitor pass for each co-exhibitor. Co-exhibitors will be listed in the exhibitor directory.

Please note: as an exhibitor, you are not entitled to sublet the stand space allocated to you to any third party or transfer it in any other way or to advertise for third companies without the permission of Leipziger Messe. For more information, please see our General Terms and Conditions (PDF, 178 kB) .

Why does CAGGTUS charge a event and marketing fee?

This flat fee is used to support marketing activities such as maintaining the exhibitor and partner directory or activities on CAGGTUS social media channels. It is obligatory for main exhibitors and co-exhibitors. For co-exhibitors, the marketing fee is already included in as part of the co-exhibitor fee. The invoice will be issued to the main exhibitor.

When will I get the invoice for the stand space rental?

Leipziger Messe GmbH will send you the invoice for your stand space approx. 6 weeks before the festival begins. During registration, you can choose to have your invoice sent by email and enter a central billing address for your company.

You will have 4 weeks to dispute the invoice from the date of issue.

Invoices for services will be prepared approx. 4 weeks after the festival. These invoices will be issued separately.

Can I cancel my registration?

Exhibitors must submit their registration withdrawals to Leipziger Messe in writing at business@caggtus.de .

A cancellation fee of €499.00 plus VAT applies to withdrawals made prior to admission confirmation.

Item 10.2 of the General Terms and Conditions (PDF, 178 kB) for Leipziger Messe GmbH applies if you withdraw after admission, in which case you will be invoiced for the full rental price.

What should I do if my address changes?

Please send a prompt email to m.hammer@leipziger-messe.de informing Leipziger Messe GmbH in writing of any changes to your contact information or address.

Please note that we will charge a processing fee (see Special Terms and Conditions (PDF, 98 kB) ) for any changes to your address or invoicing information.

Stand planning

What happens after registering as an exhibitor?

We will send you a binding confirmation of admission once we have processed your exhibitor application. You may begin to order services, such as parking permits, cleaning services, etc., from our online ordering system starting in February 2024 Placement will also begin in January 2024, at which point you will be allocated a stand space.

More information on dates and deadlines can be found here.

Where can I find information on sizes and prices for stand spaces?

Information on sizes and prices for stand spaces can be found here.

Will I be able to specify my placement? When will my space allocation be sent out?

You are welcome to communicate your placement preferences to us in your exhibitor application. Stand placement is expected to begin in January 2024.

However, we cannot guarantee your requested location.

How do I book additional services, such as power hookups, parking permits or cleaning services?

You may use our online ordering system to order additional services beginning on February 5, 2024. We will email your system username to you in the allocation email. You can set up your password in the portal.

Please be aware of registration deadlines and any late fees (PDF, 98 kB) that may apply.

What are the dates for stand set-up and breakdown?

Set-up: 6 am April 3, 2024, until 11 am April 5, 2024.

Breakdown: 6 pm April 7, 2024, until 12 noon April 9, 2024.

Are there specific admission rules for stand staff?

For admission over the course of the event, stand staff will need to show their exhibitor passes or other forms of access authorization (e.g. professional visitor tickets). Main exhibitors will receive free exhibitor passes corresponding to their stand size.

Sliding scale starting at 9 m²:

  • 2 for up to 12 m²
  • 3 for up to 20 m²
  • 4 for up to 30 m²
  • 5 for up to 40 m²
  • 6 for up to 50 m²
  • 7 for up to 60 m²
  • 8 for up to 70 m²
  • 9 for up to 80 m²
  • 10 for up to 90 m²
  • 11 for up to 100 m²
  • 12 for up to 110 m²
  • 13 for up to 120 m²
  • 14 for up to 130 m²
  • 15 for up to 140 m²
  • 16 for up to 150 m²
  • 17 for up to 160 m²

18 for up to 170 m²

19 for up to 180 m²

20 for up to 999999 m²

Additional exhibitor passes may be ordered for a fee.

You may retrieve and order your exhibitor passes from the online ordering system beginning in February 5, 2024. Passes can be found in the services category.

Where can I get exhibitor passes, visitor tickets and client invitations?

As an exhibitor, you will receive a certain number of free exhibitor passes granting unlimited admission to the Exhibition Centre. The number is determined by the size of the stand space you have booked. More information is available in our Special Terms and Conditions (PDF, 98 kB) .

Client invitations and additional exhibitor passes can be purchased from the online shop for exhibitors starting from February 5, 2024.

The exhibitor pass authorizes the holder to use public transit (MDV) in selected zones during the festival to travel to and from the Exhibition Centre and grants access between 8 am and 7 pm.

Visitor tickets will be available beginning November 13, 2023, from our online ticket shop.

What guidelines do I need to follow for setting up my stand?

Please follow the Technical Guidelines issued by Leipziger Messe GmbH. Information here includes the requirement that all stand construction materials meet at least B1 standards, that they be flame-retardant and not produce burning droplets. This also applies to fabrics and tablecloths.

Because the exhibition hall will be very dimly lit, we recommend that exhibitors make sure they have adequate lighting for their stands. The event organizers will not generally provide any partitions separating one stand from another. Exhibitors must provide their own partitions or have these provided by a stand construction company working on the exhibitor's behalf. A partition must take the form of a self-contained, stable, self-supporting wall.

The following requirements must be met:

  • Inline stand: 1 back and 2 side partitions
  • Corner stand: 1 back and 1 side partition
  • Peninsula stand: 1 back partition

According to current plans, all stands in the hall will be freestanding. We recommend that exhibitors design their stands to be attractive from all sides.

Please note: Your stand requires a stand construction permit, which must be submitted on time to the Leipziger Messe GmbH Event Technology Department (Abteilung Veranstaltungstechnik).

Can I have packages delivered to my stand?

Yes, packages may be delivered during set-up and throughout the festival and will be delivered to your stand between 8 am and 5 pm. Shipments must be addressed as follows:

Name of recipient/company
Hall/stand number
Messe-Allee 1
04356 Leipzig

What should you consider regarding the USK?

You can read the USK requirements for your stand on the USK page .