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Cosplay Contest an more: Here you will find everything you need to know as a cosplayer visiting CAGGTUS 2024.

Cosplay all around the clock

Many interactive activities await you in the Cosplay Area - some of which will take place all day, for example:

Photo Point Constellation Space Suit from StarfieldBecome an astronaut and reach for the stars!
Photo Point League of LegendsEmbark on an adventure with Poro!
SYSTEM SHOCK - S.H.O.D.A.N. BustA.I. in real life? Come to the Cosplay Area and find out for yourself!
Photography with viiiHave yourself professionally photographed by viiilicous!
Make-Up StationLazerliz x Kryolan bring you tips and tricks for professional make-up.
Timbers Repair StationYour cosplay is broken? Drop by the Repair Station!
Frosty InsanityCome and visit the multi-talented Frosty and immerse yourself in the world of crafting and pyrotechnics.
CoHeKi e.V. - CAGGTUS QuestCoHeKi e.V. is on site as a non-profit organization and collects donations. They are also implementing a small CAGGTUS quest in which you can win a limited edition CAGGTUS collector's card.
GAME:IN Safety PointHas something happened to you or would you like to discuss the topic of awareness? Then get in touch with the Safety Point.

You want more? You'll get more! In our Cosplay Area you can experience many other programme items on the subject of cosplay - including numerous workshops and panels. You can find more detailed information in our programme database .

Cosplay Contest

Saturday evening is all about the great Cosplay Contest, in which numerous famous characters are brought to life by passionate cosplayers on the Event Stage.

The participants could apply in advance via our application form. From all the entries, the experienced and expert jury will now select the participants who are allowed to present their self-made creations on our Event Stage. The winners will be chosen on site and will receive high-quality prizes.

The Contest is organized for you by GZM Cosplay Management and Unono .

Any questions?

If you have any questions about the Cosplay Contest, please feel free to contact us via email at

Contact us now

Prices Cosplay Contest

1st Place500€ prize money

3D Printer: ELEGOO Saturn 2 8K

Washing and Curing Station: ELEGOO Mercury Plus V2.0

Statue worth 200 - 300 € from the Japanese manufacturer Kotobukiya presented by HEO

Zetti food package

Jury membership in the Cosplay Contest of CAGGTUS 2025 (Not obligatory!)
2nd Place250€ prize money

3D Printer: ELEGOO Mars 4 Max 6K

Washing and Curing Station: ELEGOO Mercury Plus V2.0

Statue worth 200 - 300 € from the Japanese manufacturer Kotobukiya presented by HEO
3rd Place250€ prize money

3D Printer: ELEGOO Mars 4 Max 6K

Washing and Curing Station: ELEGOO Mercury Plus V2.0

Statue worth 200 - 300 € from the Japanese manufacturer Kotobukiya presented by HEO

All Cosplay Contest participants will receive a Zetti goodie bag.

Rules for the Cosplay Contest CAGGTUS 2024

  • Participation is only possible from the age of 18.
  • To participate in the contest, you must take part in a pre-judging event (Prejudging) and an appearance on stage (Catwalk). If you do not participate in either of these events, you will be disqualified.
  • The competition is based on costumes. This means that the stage show will not be judged.
  • The use of purchased costume pieces is allowed, but they must be mentioned to the judges in the Prejudging and will not be judged as highly as self-made pieces.
  • The costume may be made by more than one person, this must be mentioned to the judges in the Prejudging.
  • Intentional false statements about the own costume will lead to disqualification from the Cosplay Contest, even afterwards.
  • The stage performance can be done by several persons together, but the costumes will still be judged individually.
  • The costume can be based on a known template as well as on an own character.

Weapon rules

For the safety of our event, we have to take a few precautions to still allow you to bring your props. All cosplayers with props and weapons should be aware of the following guidelines and have them checked at our security check-in at the entrance hall 1 before entering the event.

If you do bring such a weapon to the event, you risk being reported to the police (WaffG §42)

  • Costumes, resembling or based on army uniforms and combat suits from the period after 1900 are not permitted!
  • Cosplay-props made of metal and wood that are thicker than 4cm are prohibited
  • The following lengths may not be exceeded by the weapons:
    • Total length of weapons: 1,50cm
    • Length of scythe blades: 80cm
    • Length of staffs: 2m
    • Length of staff with attachments (spears, tridents or similar): staff length maximum 1,5m; total length maximum 2m
  • Sharpened or pointed weapons are not permitted
  • Slashing and thrusting weapons must also be blunted (WaffVwV §1.9 , WaffG §42a(3.) => sports equipment
  • Items whose possession is prohibited under the WaffG are prohibited on the premises. A list of items can be found in the relevant law
  • Shooting sports equipment such as paintball and compressed air weapons, bows and crossbows are prohibited

Simulated weapons

These are replicas of firearms, as well as firearms that have been rendered inoperable and whose overall appearance gives the impression of firearms.

The following guidelines apply to these:

  • May only be used for photography, film or television recordings or theater performances. (WaffG §42a(2)1.)
  • Must be transported in a locked container. (WaffG §42a(2)2.) (Locked container = protected from view and unnoticed access by third parties. E.g. locked box, suitcase or backpack (properly tied).
  • Apparent weapons that are intended for the Cosplay Contest in accordance with WaffG $41a(2) must be registered in advance.


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