Ticketinfo & Prices: LAN Seats

Here, we have put together all the important tips and information regarding the LAN Area that you will need for your festival visit. Get your LAN Seat now!

Note: The LAN Area is only accessible from 18 years and older.

Prices and Ticket Categories

All the ticket categories and their various features are outlined below.

Included in TicketBeginner LAN Seat (€144,00)Expert LAN Seat (€174,00)
Goodie Bag (limited Edition)* +
90x80cm table area++
LAN connection (incl. cable) with up to 100 Mbit++
Parking in secured area (free of charge) +
Parking in P1 (fee)+ 
Conference chair++
Multi-day ticket for the Entertainment Area++
Use of MDV ticket++
Free WiFi (up to 10 Mbit/s)++
Empty bin liner at the seat++
Use of showers free of charge++
Free use of the kitchenette++
Free rest areas near the seats++
Participation in CGG tournaments free of charge++

* Strictly limited for buyers of the Expert LAN Seat. When the additional service store is opened (date to be announced in due time), the goodie bag can also be ordered free of charge. Handover takes place on site. Distribution on a first-come-first-served basis. Receipt of a Goodie Bag is therefore not guaranteed for all buyers. Goodie Bag includes e.g. a mug, a mouse pad, a gym bag and a limited pin. More about this later.

Is there no Legend LAN Seat this year?

You want a legendary LAN Seat with a high-end setup, but miss the Legend LAN Seat category? No Panic! There will also be a Legend LAN Seat for CAGGTUS 2024, just with a few adjustments. You can now sit in a Legend LAN Seat with your mate and enjoy the LAN together!

You can find more information about the price and booking process in our LAN FAQ at "Is there no Legend LAN Seat this year?" .

Tip: We have compiled all the important information on seating for LAN clans in our LAN FAQ.

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